Resume of Emeri Burks


For a decade in China I taught, trained, lectured, and wrote for diverse demographics:  Children to adults; Western and Eastern; Corporate, Commercial, and Private; both in English and Chinese.  There I learned how much we are bound by our limited perspectives and how critical it is to speak and write every word with our audiences in mind.

Now that I'm stateside again, I aim to bring the lessons of my time in China to an American readership.  I see the changes my home country has made during this time with an focused eye and I believe never before have the we so needed to bridge gaps in understanding between us and our world.  I hope that my words can help bridge those gaps and that's why I want to write for you.


“You write in order to change the world ... if you alter, even by a millimeter, the way people look at reality, then you can change it.”

James Baldwin

On Writing


Please have a look at my professional history and writing samples to consider how my writing could bring value to your organization


2019 - Present

Contributor - Minnesota Women's Press
MWP Logo.jpg
  • Contributed regular essays exploring issues of diversity, immigration, and intercultural relations

2016 - Present

Web Editor - Halfway Home
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  • Produced, edited, published, and promoted successful creative content-based blog with focus on LGBT issues, Gender Equality, Racial Inequality, Sino-American Relations, and Political Advocacy

  • Monitored web traffic analytics and optimized for Search, mobile devices, social media platform, and user experience

  • Coordinated with respective organizations on key reporting, media, and advocacy-based projects

2012 - 2018

Regional Teacher Trainer - Wall Street English
  • Managed, developed, coordinated, and led numerous nation-wide training initiatives to improve quality of service across China

  • Produced, edited, and published diverse array of professional training materials

  • Researched training needs through center visits, surveys, and collaboration with managing staff

  • Developed staff through hundreds of training sessions, coaching sessions, and lesson observations with feedback

2014 - 2015
Freelance Writer & Photographer - That's PRD Magazine
  • Wrote assignment pieces of photojournalism including current events, special interest, and review styles

Columnist & Photographer - In the Red
2012 - 2014
  • As a regular columnist, wrote regular series of LGBT themed editorials in addition to travel writing, reviews, business bios, and special interest pieces.

2009 - 2012
Foreign Trainer - Wall Street English
  • Facilitated thousdands of English lessons with adult students with emphasis on elicitation and high student talk time (in concordance with Stephen Krashen's theories on Natural Acquisition).

  • Worked with a team of Chinese and foreign staff producing hundreds of sets of lesson materials including Powerpoint, ActivInspire, blog, podcast, and paper materials.

English Teacher - Aipusen
  • Taught English lessons at 9 kindergarten, elementary, and middle schools throughout Guangzhou, China with a focus on high energy and results-oriented lessons 

University of Missouri Logo.gif
MA in Journalism - University of Missouri (Columbia)
2019 - Present

Focus on online and interactive media including Digital Strategy, Audience Management, and Participatory Journalism in addition to more traditional journalistic studies

BA in East Asian Studies - Boston University

Focus on Language, Literature, Culture, History, Government, Policy, Economics, and Geography of China and Japan.

BA in International Relations - Boston University

Focus on International Policy, Foreign Policy, Political History, and IGOs with special focus on East Asia.

August 2016
Senior Trainer Ranking - WSE University

Reached the highest level offered by Wall Street English University qualified to train Regional Service Trainers

February 2015
HSK Level 5 (Chinese Proficiency) - Hanban

Test takers who are able to pass the HSK (Level V) can read Chinese newspapers and magazines, enjoy Chinese films and plays and give a full-length speech in Chinese having mastered 2,500+ commonly used words and related grammar patterns.

CELTA - ECC Thailand
February 2013

Certificate in English Language Teaching for Adults: Intensive month-long course in ESL/EFL teaching with extended focus on information dissemination and professional development.

May 2008
TEFL - i-2-i

Forty hour online course in ESL/EFL instruction including.

Spoken Word Open Mic Night - Loft 345
  • Organized poetry, rap, and short stories Open Mic competitions.

  • Supported arts scene in Guangzhou by consistently bringing new works and new artists to Guangzhou audience in order to develop local artists.

Lecturer - Zhongshan University
  • Guest lecturer for “Sexuality and Gender” courses with focus on history and development within the international LGBT community.

Public Speaker - PFLAG
  • Spoke at multiple events for the local branch of Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays on history and development within the international LGBT community.

Panelist - US Consulate of Guangzhou
August 2013
  • Spoke at opening of Pride Month’s festivities organized by the US Consulate General of Guangzhou on the development of the local LGBT community and it’s support network.

References available upon request.