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Personal Blog providing Chinese and American cultural studies, social commentary, and first hand accounts on my experiences as a "Third Culture Kid" living between the two new poles of the world - China and the USA

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Minnesota Women’s Press LLC is an independent, fact-based online and Print Magazine that amplifies the collective and individual voices of powerful, everyday women.

Founded in 1984 by Mollie Hoben and Glenda Martin, the magazine has more than 25 years of sharing women's stories often ignored or silenced.

January 2019 - Identity - Article 1 of 2

In this three part Personal Account sharing my personal experience as a foreigner in China, an American struggling to approve a fiancee visa for my partner, and imploring against xenophobia in the age of division.

Halfway Home


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This Adventure piece explores my love affair with the sea and diving.  I argue that the only rational response to seeing such beauty is reverence and a strong protective instinct in the face of global apathy.

When is it alright to compliment a woman?  When is it not, and why?  From the perspective one who has lived as a man and a woman, in this Social Commentary piece, I explore the weight of our respective perspectives in understanding that intent is not enough.

This powerful personal account explores implicit bias from the perspective of one who has seen both sides of Gender, Sexuality, and Race.  In an impassioned plea I ask for us all to intimately know our privileges, prejudices, and biases.

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This Review and Advocacy piece discusses Netflix's The Grass is Greener documentary and the legacy of racism paraded as anti-marijuana propaganda since the early 20th century.  I note that despite being found to be relatively harmless by every major study in the USA it is a Schedule 1 drug, its prohibition continues to lead to millions of incarcerations and destroyed lives each year.

Despite the risk at doing so, I make a hard case for legalization.

That's PRD


Created in 1997 as Clueless in Guangzhou, the Print Magazine has since been named That's PRD (Pearl River Delta) and its family of That's magazines together make up one of the most read English magazines in China.  It specializes in lifestyle, culture, arts, and reviews for expats living in Guangzhou.

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Feature article following a Russian couple battling Cancer in Guangzhou, China even as they tie the knot.  They're wedding was a moment of hope and belief as a community came together to celebrate their love.

The Chinese Dream
October 2014

Cover Story exploring the history and culture of the so-call "Chocoloate City" in Guangzhou.  Africans in Guangzhou represent a growing population of people coming to China to pursue their dreams of wealth and happiness.

City Lead focusing on Graffiti Art in Guangzhou, the artists, their rules, and the impact on their city.

What laws do taggers live by?

How do you get a name why your work is covered in three days?

Is it art or vandalism?

In the Red is a Fashion, Arts, and Lifestyle Print Magazine for Chinese and Foreign Readers both.  Running since 2012 until it's final issue in 2014, In the Red worked to bring unique culture and art to its Guangzhou readers with original and provocative style

In the Red
The Islands of the Gods - May 2013 - Spr

Personal Account discussing the relative virtues of plastic surgery from one who has found herself on this side of the knife.  Our bodies are our own, and we choose everyday the person we see in the mirror.

Travel piece recounting the wild and little known side behind Eat, Pray, Love.  We stayed in Wayan's home, got examined by her mentor in medicine, and learned sad backstory behind her relationship with Elizabeth Gilbert.

A Special Interest piece discussing the amazing sport of scuba and why no one ever forgets that first breath underwater - The weightlessness, the intimate relationship with your limits, the glimpse into a world not meant for us.

No one could forget it.

The Deepest Blues - June 2013 - Spread 1
Self-Love Under the Knife - Aug 2012 - 3